Extra Support at ALNS

At ALNS we value the knowledge and experience you have of your child and believe that working together is the best way to achieve successful outcomes.

We will listen to your concerns, decide if your child has significant special educational needs and if an intervention would be beneficial.

Staff will make sure interventions and their outcomes are reviewed. Review dates and how the outcomes are communicated will be agreed when intervention programmes are planned.

  • At ALNS we aim to minimise any barriers to participation so that ALNS is as accessible as possible at all times to all students.
  • At ALNS staff do all they can so to ensure that all students achieve their potential by experiencing the whole curriculum including taking part in school trips.
  • At ALNS we work in partnership with parents, students and outside agencies to make sure all students are safe and included at all times
  • The curriculum is matched to the needs of the individual student to enable the students’ lifestyle and culture to be celebrated.

At ALNS we believe that communication between schools, parents and students is essential when students move between primary and secondary schools. This allows the smooth transfer of information to provide the best support for students with significant special educational needs.

In the Summer Term:

  • The member of staff responsible will visit Junior schools and meet Yr 6 students coming to Admiral Lord Nelson School.
  • SENCO will meet with Junior school SENCOs to transfer records of Students with SEN.
  • SENCO will attend Year 6 Annual Reviews of Statements for SEN or Education Health Care Plans.
  • Pre visits with Key Workers may be arranged before Induction Days.
  • Induction Days and Year 6 Parents Evening.

At ALNS we believe that students should be encouraged to make choices for themselves in preparation for adult life.

At ALNS staff will help students prepare for adult life by providing impartial advice about continuing education, training and employment after school.

Moving On Plans are a central part of the Annual Review of Statements for SEN or Education Health Care Plans from Year 9.

  • Specialist Teacher Service
  • Specialist Teacher Advisor – Hearing Impaired
  • Specialist Teacher Advisor – Hearing Impaired
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Multi –agency Behavioural Service
  • Child, Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Ethnic Minority Achievement Service
  • Integrated Targeted Youth Support Service