Aspiring Futures

Our exciting ‘Aspiring Futures’ programme is a core part of our curriculum offer at ALNS and is followed by all students. It is taught in tutor groups with the role of the tutor being integral to the building of relationships and trust within this subject.  The lessons are differentiated, when necessary, to cater for Year 7 – Year 11. Where necessary, individual; year groups are taken out and an assembly style AF session will be delivered by specialists.  Our Aspiring Futures curriculum follows the guidance laid down by the PSHE Association and includes all statutory content. 

The aims of the course are for our students to; 

  • Develop better links with the local community. 
  • Be active global citizens by having the time and opportunities to address key issues. 
  • Be able to make informed decisions about their futures including college courses, careers, volunteering and gap year opportunities. 
  • Be better equipped with the knowledge and skills to be active citizens in our democratic society. 
  • Be more informed about social, moral and ethical issues that they may be affected by as teenagers so that they can make better choices. 

The course is constantly updated to reflect the needs of our students and the changes in statutory content, so that it is of most relevance and benefit to their lives which will enable them to be successful, responsible and active citizens of our country and to adapt to current events. All lessons follow one of our five themes: Wellbeing, RSE, Diversity, Careers and Living in the Wider World. 

Lessons this year will include: 

  • Managing our emotions 
  • How do I cope with loss and bereavement? 
  • What can I do to look after my physical health? 
  • Drugs and Alcohol 
  • Impact of addiction 
  • How can we challenge prejudice and discrimination 
  • Sex and the Law 
  • Pregnancy and Birth 
  • The Labour Market. 
  • How does Social Media impact on our body image? 
  • What do we mean by extremism? 
  • Goal setting and the Future 

Sessions led by specialists in year groups include: 

  • Next Steps – Year 11 
  • College Talks – Year 11 
  • Work Experience launch – Year 10 
  • College Taster Day launch – Year 10 
  • Option choices – Year 9 
  • RSE – Year 11 
  • RSE – Year 10 
  • RSE – Year 9 
  • RSE- Year 8 
  • RSE – Year 7