Mr Wallis – The Way Knight

This book is available to purchase from Amazon as a paperback, on Kindle and now also as an audio book!
(The Way Knight: A Tale of Revenge and Revolution: Wallis, Alexander, Ives, Phil, Ilicheva, Anastasia: 9780992989941: Books)
“I wanted to share my news with you that my novel The Way Knight has now been released as a paperback on Amazon!  Quite exciting and thank you for your enthusiasm!  The release date was 11th October 2015.”

– Mr Wallis

“Daimonia Vornir is a wild and impulsive girl, who fears she is unlovable. When corrupt politicians execute her brother, she travels to find her mother — the famous hero who abandoned her years before. To survive the treacherous journey, she hires the Way Knight — a travelling warrior sworn to protect anyone who pays his fee, no matter how dangerous the journey, or hopeless their cause. Together they will chance the battle-torn coast, pursued by the champion of the Secret God. THE WAY KNIGHT is the terrifying tale of a girl’s journey from child, to woman, to goddess. It is a provocative story that will challenge everything you believe.”



You don’t have to take Mr Wallis’ word for it! Here are some of the reviews from Amazon:

Snags1970 – 16 May 2016

“The Way Knight is a fantastic read. Anyone expecting another Game of Thrones knock off will be pleasantly surprised. It is not like Game of Thrones; it is on another level totally – the only writer who has ever come close to creating a macroscape on this level is the late Iain M Banks with his Culture series – the only similarities between the two authors here is the sheer level of detail in which both Wallis and Banks play with the reader, making them giddy with each new concept or adding unexpected layers to each character.”

Mrs Jacqueline Moss – 19 November 2015

“Well!! I bought it at 4pm and could not put it down all through the night. I loved this book, it is dark, it is on the edge of your seat gripping drama, I hope that there is going to be another, I want to know, how she ends and everything falls into place. I can’t say to much or it will give it away. You must read this book! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Well written and gripping.”

 Niki – 13 April 2016

“Originally purchased for my husband as I don’t normally read this style of book, but I was intrigued by the summary so read it myself.
What can I say, I loved it, the writing was so good that it drew me into the world of Daimonia as if I was her, I felt her feelings, her frustrations, her desperation to find her place in the world. I haven’t read a book that has drawn me in this much in a long time. I’m looking forward to reading anything else this author produces.”