Welcome to the MEDIA STUDIES Department

About the Subject

Media Studies is a course that enables students to study the use of media. It will make extensive use of ICT.

For instance, students will use:

Digital video editing equipment to make a small film or television advertisement

Photo-editing software and a desktop publisher to produce a poster

Web design software to design a website interface

Photo-editing software to design graphics and logos

The students would use industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and Adobe Dreamweaver for
web design.

What skills will I develop?

Media Studies not only develops production skills, it requires students to gain knowledge and understanding of the media, its
audiences and concepts. It provides them with the ICT skills required in a modern workforce. It provides them with the analytical
and interpretation skills required by some employers. It will also support and complement literacy skills required across the curriculum.

What will I learn?

Exploring Media Products

Learners will develop their understanding of how media products create meaning for their audiences, as well as examining existing products and exploring media production techniques.

Developing Digital Media Production Skills

Learners will develop and apply skills and techniques in media production processes by creating a media product from one of the following sectors: audio/moving image, print or interactive design.

Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief

Learners will apply and develop their planning and production skills and techniques to create a media product in response to a

Why choose Media?

This qualification is for learners interested in taking a hands-on course alongside their GCSEs that will offer them an insight into
what it is like to work in the Media sector – transecting many exciting and vibrant industries such as film; television; games, web
and app development, and publishing – giving students an introduction that keeps all of their options open and allows them to
make an informed decision about their future learning and career.

The subject enables learners to develop sector-specific skills and knowledge of the production processes and techniques that
underpin them, across a range of media products using a combination of practical exploration, experimentation, and realistic
vocational contexts. They will also develop key skills such as investigating and developing ideas through pre-production, production, and post-production, managing their creative projects, documenting progress of skills and work, responding to briefs,
presenting work, and reflective practice. In addition, learners develop employability skills such as teamwork, time management
and communication.

This qualification takes a fully practical and skills-based approach to learning and assessment. All components, including the
externally assessed component, are assessed through both practical and written elements.