Welcome to the PHYSICAL EDUCATION GCSE Department

What is GCSE Physical Education about?

This GCSE course encourages students to follow a broad course of study that is aimed at developing awareness and appreciation of their own and others culture in relation to Physical Education. Students will become increasingly physically competent by being actively engaged in a range of physical activities.

Students are to be practically involved in their own development and maintenance of physical activity throughout and will be assessed in 3 different practical areas.

It is imperative that your child has a range of skills that can be adapted and challenged throughout for success and enjoyment at this level. Likewise, an eagerness to learn about the body and physical health must accompany their passion for sport.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be externally assessed in two final written examinations worth 60% of their overall grade. This will be completed at the end of the course. There will be a range of multiple-choice, short answer and longer answer questions covering 12 different areas, which include:

  • Healthy and active lifestyles and how they could benefit you
  • How exercise is so important to our health
  • Fitness and physical activity can lead to healthy and active lifestyle regarding your personal health and wellbeing

In addition, you will be examined on the 4 different body systems – cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal in
conjunction with a healthy mind and body.

Practical activities account for the remaining 30% of the overall grade. In practical activities your child will be continually assessed throughout the course, they must be very competent in a range of sports in order to score highly.

The remaining 10% of the course is through coursework, where you design your own training programme.

Will I enjoy this course?

Students will need to show a commitment to their learning of the theory aspect of the course which is similar to topics covered in GCSE Science. You will also have to be able to demonstrate key techniques used in English in relation to justifying and analysing their answers in full.

You will be involved in the practical development of their physical skills and must be prepared to participate, perform and evaluate their performance in a range of sports – not just their preferred activities. Therefore, an open mind and a willingness to complete work outside of the classroom will ensure that students enjoy the course.

As with every subject, there is a large amount of written work which is often overlooked.

What other skills might I develop?

GCSE PE will allow you to develop a wide range of personal skills through your involvement in physical activity. At the same time the need to analyse performance may involve using ICT as a basis for studying and reviewing different performances.

Students will develop their time management and organisational skills by meeting deadlines and bringing the correct PE kit to all lessons.

What could they do next with GCSE PE?

The world of sport and possible options post GCSE PE are huge. This course will certainly put your child at an advantage if they with to take A-Level PE or venture down the BTEC/coaching route ways that are offered post ALNS.