Welcome to the BTEC TECH AWARD - MUSIC Department

Why choose BTEC Tech Award in Music?

The Tech Award in Music gives learners the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills in a practical way through exploration and
development of techniques and styles. The main focus is on four areas of equal importance:

  • Development of key skills that prove learners’ aptitude in music, such as responding to a musical brief using musical skills and
  • Processes that underpin effective ways of working in the music industry, such as the development of musical ideas, and using skills
    and techniques for rehearsal, creation, production and performance to respond to a music brief
  • Attitudes that are considered important in the music industry, including personal management and communication
  • Knowledge that underspin effective use of skills, processes and attitudes in the sector, such as musical skills and styles
How does the course work?

The course is made up of three components that the learners are required to complete and achieve:

Component 1 - Exploring Music Products and Styles - Internal

The learners will develop their understanding of different types of music products and the technique used to create them. Learners will practically explore the key features of different styles of music and music theory. Leading to learners applying their knowledge and understanding to develop their own creative work.

Component 2 - Music Skills Development - Internal

Learners will have the opportunity to develop two musical disciplines through engagement in practical tasks, whilst documenting their progress and planning further improvement. This includes participation in workshops and classes. Throughout the learners will review their own progress and consider how to make improvements. Learners will explore how musicians share their work and collaborate with others - learners will develop skills in how to use blogs, YouTube and a range of other platforms.

Component 3 - Responding to a Music Brief - External

Learners will explore a brief and investigate possible responses and ideas to meet the brief. Learners will use relevant resources, skills and techniques to develop and refine music material before presenting a final response. Learners will develop and present an original creation based on a piece from a given list and a style from a course of four. Learner will then perform this to an audience. Learners will also consider how their skills and interests make them suitable for the specific music sector opportunity. Learners are required to comment on the creative process and outcome in response to the given brief.

This course will help you to become more confident, develop your communication skills as well as provide real insight into the Music Industry. It is a course that can lead you to further education and set you up with a variety of transferable skills.