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(German/French) GCSE

The majority of students will continue with the language (French or German) that they are currently studying through to the end of Year 11.

Having a foreign language qualification opens lots of career and travel opportunities for students.

Being able to communicate with people from other cultures and countries in their own language is an important skill to have in today’s international workplace.

WHAT's the difference for students?

Students will have the chance to develop further many of the topics already started, such as school, free time, food and holidays. They will also encounter many new ones like the world of work, advertising, tourism, travel to Europe, new technology and the wider world.

It is also hoped that students will develop an increasingly independent approach to their language learning with more:

  • Listening in groups
  • Research using different resources including the internet
  • Understanding of how language works
  • Knowledge about French/German speaking countries and people
What’s involved in doing a Foreign Language qualifIcation?
  • Students will have the opportunity to take a GCSE in their language
  • Students will take exams in all four skills at the end of the GCSE course in Year 11

Students will have three lessons a fortnight in which they continue to develop their skills in:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

A bilingual dictionary is useful for these courses.

Study Support materials are also available on the ALNS website.

Language skills are increasingly in demand in today’s mobile workplace. German is the most sought-after language by UK employers and French comes in at a close second.

How can you make yourself stand out in an increasingly demanding world of work? Ensure you have a French or German GCSE on your CV!