Our core values of inclusivity, wellbeing, and high expectations, apply to all our students past, present and future; once an ALNS student always an ALNS student.  We are extremely proud of all past students and their achievements, reflected in our motto “Dare to Dream, Aim to Achieve”.

Our developing Alumni family will show current students that their peers from past cohorts are curious, proud, determined, respectful and reflective people, who have adapted to life and the world around them as exemplary citizens.

We are currently creating a database of the educational journeys and career paths of Ex ALNS students. We would like to find out what our ex students have left school to go on to do and to use this information to create inspirational posters for our current students.

Please give as much detail in your answers as you can. It would be great to have a recent photo of yourself at work/college/university etc. We will contact you with a draft of your poster before it is printed.

All data collected will be kept for school use only. We would like to showcase any posters made on the school’s website and occasionally social media. There is an opt-out option for this at the bottom of the form.

We would also love for you to stay in touch and maybe come and visit our students to talk about your journey after ALNS. Please use the opt-out button if you do not want to take part.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We’d like to reach as many ex-students as possible.


Please feel free to share this form on social media and pass it onto friends/family who attended this school. Thank you for your continued support.