Welcome to the GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS Department

GCSE Graphic Communication focuses on creating art that can be used for a commercial purpose.

Graphic Communication is an ideal subject for you if you enjoy developing your practical and digital skills, if you enjoy presenting your work in interesting and creative ways, and if you enjoy taking risks and experimenting with a wide range of materials.

Graphic Communication is a little like Art except that it gives you the opportunity to develop work that shows meaning through
your use of text, font and design style alongside your own imagery. You will already have some experience of using art materials and processes together with some knowledge of contemporary and historical art and design through your art lessons in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The Course

Your GCSE coursework (Unit 1 Portfolio) is worth 60% of the total marks and this assessment starts as soon as you begin the
course in September.

You will have a final exam (Unit 2 Externally Set Assignment), which is worth 40% of the full GCSE. After working for approx. 8 weeks, building a product idea based on a set question, you will spend two days in an art room working on a final outcome.

Units 1 and 2 are assessed separately out of 96 marks. You will be assessed using Assessment Objectives called:

AO1 Develop, which is about researching designers and styles of design

AO2 Refine, which is about experimenting to find out more through practical work and annotation

AO3 Record, which is about showing ideas and personal visual work including drawing

AO4 Present, which is about the completion of your final idea based on your research

Projects - Linked to AQA Specification

This covers a range of activities and in-depth assignments.

Everything you make is created to have a purpose and must have a link between clients, briefs and the public. You will have the
opportunity to experiment with different media in order to explore your strengths and preferences.

You are encouraged to think differently about your ideas and show that first ideas are not always the best. Students are currently
involved in moving their ideas forward through photography work, printmaking, website design, film making and animation, studying corporate branding, planning for book and magazine illustration, developing layout work and investigating letter design
through typography. Students would be expected to draw in a variety of ways that suit the purpose of the projects.

Independent Learning

You will be asked to work on tasks outside the classroom and bring these pieces to your lessons each week. Those students who work hardest, gain the highest marks.

Requirements for the course

It will be useful to have some basic equipment at home so work can be completed to the highest standard in addition to some sketching and drawing skills.

An Art and Design pack with a range of equipment will be available for purchase in September.