Welcome to the TEXTILES Department

The Course

The course focuses on both practical Textile skills and the study of Textiles in their various forms, including the work of other artists, designers and multicultural Textiles.

You will have the opportunity to work using a variety of techniques unique to textiles such as surface pattern design, hand and machine sewing and applique to create products.

Controlled Assessment/Independent Learning

The controlled assessment will consist of research and analysis of various artists and designers, development of drawing and recording skills, design and development work. The development of practical skills and the production of a range of outcomes.

The controlled assessment will have guided starting points, but independent work and research is encouraged for students to develop skills, a personal style and achieve high results. Students will be expected to draw in a variety of ways that suit the projects.

Attendance is vital as the controlled assessment takes place during lessons through the two years.

Investigation, analysis and experimentation will form a major part of both homework and coursework. Students taking this option will also be expected to develop or continue Textile work outside of lessons and this will take approximately 1 hour per week.


Your GCSE coursework (Unit 1 Portfolio) is worth 60% of the total marks and this assessment starts as soon as you begin the course in September.

You will have a final exam (Unit 2 Externally Set Assignment), which is worth 40% of the full GCSE.

After working for approx. eight weeks, building project ideas around a set theme, you will spend two days working on your final outcome.

Units 1 and 2 are assessed separately. You will be assessed using Assessment Objectives called:

  • AO1 Develop, which is about researching designers and styles of design
  • AO2 Refine, which is about experimenting to find out more through practical and annotation
  • AO3 Record, which is about showing ideas and personal visual work including drawing
  • AO4 Present, which is about the completion of your final idea based on your research
Requirements for the Course

It will be very useful to have some basic art/textile equipment at home so work can be completed to the highest standard.

This will include:

  • Black fine liner pens
  • Drawing pencils in a range of grades (2B, 4B, 6B)
  • Glue stick
  • Double sided tape
  • Basic sewing kit - scissors, variety of needles etc.

*A Textiles pack with equipment will be available to purchase in September.