Welcome to the Solent Language Hub in Portsmouth, where linguistic exploration meets collaborative education!

As a beacon for languages, we proudly partner with nine different secondary schools, fostering a community of shared knowledge and cultural appreciation. Recently awarded Lead Hub School status, we are committed to evolving alongside our partners, including local primary schools, to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment.

At Solent Language Hub, we envision a vibrant and inclusive community where language serves as a bridge connecting individuals across cultures, fostering understanding, collaboration, and personal growth. Our goal is to be a dynamic hub, promoting linguistic diversity, effective communication, and cultural exchange.

We work collaboratively, collegially and creatively to develop and support a sustainable network of language teachers to increase language uptake post-14 and post-16, while recognising the value of all languages in our communities.


Mr Aamir Kohli
Hub Lead Specialist Teacher

Mr Aamir Kohli

I am a teacher with over 15 years of experience with a degree in French and linguistics. I am a speaker of French, English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

In my role as the Director of MFL at Trafalgar School, I have successfully developed my languages department, implemented impactful curriculum changes, and promoted diversity. 

Throughout my career, I have consistently displayed a fervent passion for enhancing student outcomes, emphasising individualised support, and championing language success. 

Mrs Rebecca Britti
Hub Lead Specialist Teacher

Mrs Rebecca Britti

I have a degree in both French and German and bring over 20 years of teaching experience to my role.

As a Head of Department for 14 years, I've played a key role in enhancing and expanding our languages faculty.

Throughout my career, I've been dedicated to fostering growth and improvement, delivering CPD and actively supporting colleagues in Portsmouth.

Mrs Nys Hardingham
Chief Executive Officer of Trust
Miss Elle Smith
Solent Language Hub Co-ordinator


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