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Welcome to the HISTORY Department

What will I study?
Changes in Health and Medicine 500 AD - Present Day

This topic focuses on causes, preventions, treatments, medical knowledge, patient care and public health from medieval times right up to the present day. Some of the topics covered include developments in surgery, the work of Florence Nightingale and the start of the NHS.

It will contribute towards 25% of the GCSE. There will be a 1-hour, 15-minute exam.

Nazi Germany 1919 - 1939

This topic focuses on the impact of World War One on Germany and how it recovered. It examines the rise of Hitler and how he became Fuhrer. You will learn about how Hitler kept control of different social groups and the methods he used to remove opposition. You will also examine how World War II started from a German perspective. It will contribute towards 25% of the GCSE.

There will be a 1-hour exam.

The Development of the USA 1929 - 2000

Students will develop an understanding of the events that occurred during the twentieth century in the USA, focusing on political, social, economic and cultural perspectives. You will compare the presidencies of key people like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan and George Bush. Students will examine the changing lives of black Americans from segregation to equality. It will contribute towards 25% of the GCSE.

There will be a 45-minute exam.

The Elizabethan Age 1558 - 1603

This topic examines the reign of Elizabeth 1. Students will examine the features of Elizabethan England including, religion, fashion, entertainment and lifestyles of the rich and poor. You will examine the events of the Spanish Armada and its impact on England’s relationship with foreign countries. You will also develop an understanding of the legislation introduced during this period and its impact on the country.

It will contribute towards 25% of the GCSE. There will be a 1-hour exam.

How is the course taught?

Lessons which help students to:

  • Know about important events, people and changes throughout history
  • Deepen understanding of the twentieth century by using different thinking skills
  • Develop exam strategies so that you can achieve your best in examinations
  • Develop historical skills particularly for working with sources and interpretations
  • Develop use of ICT to help understand key events
  • There is an opportunity to take part in a European trip to enhance understanding.
Why study GCSE History?
  • To better understand our place in human history
  • To make use of the information you receive every day
  • To enable students to communicate clearly with other people
  • To develop thinking and key skills
  • To make decisions today and better plan the future
  • To understand and appreciate the great variety of people we meet in life
  • To understand the importance and impact of world history
  • To understand the world we live in

How the History Department helps students
You will be offered support and help after school by teachers and are able to come along to sessions to improve GCSE exam technique. Independent Learning will focus on knowledge recall and the practise of exam style questions.