School Council


Education Aspiration 

This group want to ensure that there is equity of access for all students to careers events and experiences. They will ensure that all students have high aspirations for themselves and believe they can achieve.  

Culture of Kindness 

This group want to raise awareness of the need to be kind and respectful to each other at all times. Alongside the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, they will celebrate key national event such as Pride Month and Anti-Bullying Week.  

Mental Health 

This group want to ensure that everyone is aware of Mental Health and include more about this topic in our curriculum. Alongside the Youth Mental Health Ambassadors, they will signpost students to the support that is available to ensure that students feel their Mental health is being supported.  


This group want to improve the school facilities to best suit the needs of all our students. They will also look at innovative and exciting ways to make ALNS more sustainable