Welcome to the COMPUTER SCIENCE Department

To take Computer Science as an option, we would strongly recommend that students will need to be on target to achieve at least a Grade 6 in their Maths.

What do I need to know or be able to do before taking the Computer Science option?

An interest or desire to learn about key computing concepts and programming

A willingness to explore new ideas

The ability to work independently

Students need to be hardworking, motivated and organised

What are the benefits of taking this course?
  • Prepares students for learning, working and living in an increasingly digital world
  • Develops creativity, logical thinking, independent learning and self-evaluation
  • Gives students a chance to build small, useful programmes
  • Teaches computing which is of enormous importance to the economy and focuses on computer technologies that are relevant in the modern world
  • Gives a thorough grounding in computing, creating opportunities for students to move on to ALevels,
    vocational courses, industry recognised IT qualifications and employment
  • Supports progress in other areas such as Technology, Science, Engineering and the creative industries
  • Teaches students how to think computationally

Component 1: Computer Systems - Exam

  • Systems Architecture
  • Memory and Storage
  • Computer Networks, Connections and Network Security Protocols
  • Systems Software
  • Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Impacts of Digital Technology

Time: 90 minutes

50% of the total GCSE


Component 2: Computional Thinking, Algorithms and Programming - Exam

  • Algorithms
  • Programming Fundamental
  • Producing Robust Programs
  • Boolean Logic
  • Programming Languages and Integrated Development Environments

Time: 90 minutes

50% of the total GCSE