What Is Personal Development?

Welcome to the Personal Development Department

Our Vision

Philosophy for Children encourages students to think critically, caringly, creatively and collaboratively. It helps teachers to build a ‘community of enquiry’ where participants create and enquire into their own questions, and ‘learn how to learn’ in the process.



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Alternate Provision

The Personal Development Course is our unique programme of study that all of our students follow as part of their core curriculum offer. This includes their weekly Aspiring Futures lessons, focusing on the five strands of Wellbeing, RSE, Diversity, Careers and Living in the Wider World. It also includes our Personal Development Days when all students follow an alternative curriculum that encourages them to think hard and debate respectfully their views and opinions on a range of sensitive and challenging topics. This ensures that our students have the correct information to equip themselves for the future and strengthens the core values of our school. The programme includes our educational visits alongside other curriculum enrichments as well as our active Student Voice, led by the Student Council and its sub-groups. To be a global citizen is the aim of this programme and to ensure that there are opportunities for all, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our key aim is that our students leave us as more confident individuals who have a better understanding of their own morals, beliefs and values and have the skills to be active global citizens in the modern world. 


Quality Teaching and Learning Entitlement

All students are entitled to:

  • A positive, safe learning environment that enables them to flourish and encourages their development of communication and social skills alongside the promotion of emotional and psychological wellbeing.
  • Be actively encouraged to think critically and creatively to ensure the development of self-esteem and confidence to enable them to state reasons and argue a case.
  • Experience well planned lessons which challenge them and provide opportunities to reflect upon their own learning and development. To allow them to participate in their own enquiries to help them develop higher level thinking skills.