Year 8 Options

In Year 8 you will be able to select some of the subjects that you would like to go on and study in Years 9, 10 and 11. At this stage some students have no idea of what they would like to do for a future job or specific career pathway, DON’T PANIC, you are not alone, many students will be in exactly the same position as you.

We appreciate that this year has been very different with being in lockdown and that you are going to be making decisions about future courses that you probably know very little about, the key is to find out as much information as you can about any new courses you are considering, email the teacher or speak to them if you are in school by this time. Below we have set out some useful tips, guides and links to website to help you make your decisions.


Website linking subjects to future Career Pathways

Careers Pilot – subjects linked to jobs. To get the most out of Careers Pilot set up an account it will then save your search details and job sectors that interest you. Work through the various sections

UCAS -click on ‘Select a Subject’

Which Job & A – Z of Jobs – this is another of our Careers Page. Many students enjoy doing the Buzz Quiz to see possible careers suggestions


Things you need to think about to help make a decision

*Which subjects are you  good at?

*Which subjects do you enjoy? The two don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

*What assessment methods suit you?

*Although most GCSEs are assessed by exams, practical work forms an important part of certain subjects.

*If you have a particular career in mind, have you investigated which subjects are required?

*If you are unsure about which career you may want to follow, are you choosing a broad enough range of subjects to keep as many options open as possible?


Things you need to think about to help make a decision

*What wider interests do you have? Certain subjects, such as art and design, music and PE, can be taken at school or continued as hobbies.

*If you have already decided on some subjects, what are you basing you decisions on?  Are you choosing a subject for the right reasons and not because you like the teacher, think it will be an easy option or because your friends are taking it!

*Are there any subjects that you think you may  like to continue studying post-16? (when you leave school)


Your future

You will be in education and/or training until you are 18, this can be

*Going to college to do BTEC’s or A Levels (if you do not achieve Level 4 in English and/or Maths this will be included as part of your course until you pass at this level or until you are 18

*Going to college and then getting an Apprenticeship

*Getting an Apprenticeship – this is employment with training.  The training will be either through 1 day a week at college or training provider or presenting a portfolio to show evidence that you have or are doing the work.  An assessor will go to the place of work and review your portfolio – if you do not achieve Level 4 in English and/or Maths this will be included as part of your apprenticeship.  Apprenticeships are available in hundreds of job roles

*Some jobs that you will apply for aren’t available today, the job market is developing all the time, some exisiting job sectors will continue to grow……

Thriving in the Future Video Clip (this video clip is a couple of years old but encourages to look at the future)

For Careers Information Advice and Guidance please email

[email protected] or [email protected] (our PCC Independent Impartial Advisor)


Your Options, Your Choice