Mr Wallis – I H8 Bullies: Volume 1

This book is available to purchase from Amazon as a paperback.
“Students who claimed they ‘hated reading’ helped create a story that would give them the kind of thrill we know reading can offer. The result is a Grange Hill/The Inbetweeners flavour story we called I H8 BULLIES – the tale of a Year 10 boy trying to maintain his dignity while being targeted by bullies at home and at school. It’s a biting story that excited the students and contains messages about the consequences of bullying and violence.”

– Mr Wallis

“I don’t like books, but I wrote this so kids like me would have something decent to read. Something real. Teachers aren’t going to like this story because it’s about our world: the world of trying to get with girls and fights and people getting lairy. And it’s about a gang of bullies, all older than me, and what happened when I wouldn’t take it anymore.”