We are proud to be part of the Southern Universities Network (SUN) programme which allows our students a variety of trips and experiences with some of the universities in our region. We are fortunate in where we live that we have access to several excellent Universities along the South Coast, below are links to various Universities that you may want to consider, however, there are many more around the country for you may wish to visit.
At ALNS we recognise that deciding whether to move away from home for your studies is a tough decision to make at this stage. For many students, moving away from home to study at university enhances their experience and presents several opportunities that would not otherwise be available:

  • The chance to choose a course that really suits their interests, rather than picking the best available locally
  • Making the most of the opportunities living somewhere new provides
  • Meeting new and interesting people from different areas and countries
  • Playing in a sports team or joining a society
  • Improving earning potential by being more prepared to move to a new location to secure the best available job


One thing that students and parents can find difficult to get to grips with is Student Finance, there is a handy guide on the following link Save the Student – Student Finance



 South Coast Universities

The university has many courses available below is just a small selection of what that they offer, click on the subject below to see a short video clip, you can then use one of the career information programmes (ie Careers Pilot) to help you investigate which job(s) a degree in a particular subject would be of interest to you


Physics and Astronomy

Graphics Arts

International Relations


Population Geography


Environmental Science

Civil Engineering

Education Psychology



Ship Science

Sociology & Anthropology

History & Film

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