Mentoring Day

As you will have noticed in our published dates for this year Thursday 22nd February 2024 has been scheduled as a Mentoring Day for the whole school. Previous years have shown us that this day has a considerable impact on student achievement and communications between home and school. This year’s Mentoring Day has been designed to enable all students to have the same experience at an optimum time of the year.

Year 11 students will be asked to use the day as a personal study day to work on their Independent Learning Tasks or revision at home. Years 7-10 will also be set a careers focused independent learning task which will be placed on Google classroom and explained to them during their Aspiring Futures lesson. This task will differ for each year group.

Students will be expected to attend school for a 15-minute mentoring session with their Tutor. The aim of these meetings is to focus on their achievement and give students an opportunity to discuss their progress. It enables students to highlight any concerns with specific subjects; or indeed any other part of school life which impacts on their ability to achieve their target grades. We have also arranged for a number of Further Education establishments and employers to be present for you to talk to, as you and your child start to consider life beyond ALNS.

Feedback from the large number of parents who have taken part in mentoring in the past has been extremely positive. It is clear that students benefit from your involvement and that you welcome this overview of the progress made by your son/daughter.

We would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to invite you to join your child and their Tutor in this interview. We are always very appreciative of the part parents’ play in working with the school to support students’ educational experience.

Due to the success of using it for parent evenings, we will be asking you to book appointments online via “School Cloud”. Each appointment will be for 15 minutes and hopefully, if you have more than one child in the school, you will be able to book them close to each other. Please contact your childs tutor (email [email protected] if unsure of contact details) if this proves not to be the case or if you are unable to book a time that you can attend as we will be happy to make adjustments to help you streamline your
visit and to facilitate as many parents attending as possible – we cannot stress enough how important parental involvement and encouragement is in order for your child to achieve their best.

Below is the link to the parent’s guide with instructions on how to book the appointments:

Appointment link:

The window to book appointments will be from 2.00pm on Monday 5th February to 4.00pm on Wednesday 21st February.

It is essential that students are prompt to begin their sessions on time as each tutor’s timetable is extremely tightly planned. On arrival please enter the school via the student entrance in the Humanities block, then make your way to the main hall to sign in. School uniform is not required; however appropriate casual dress for a working environment should be adhered to. This is a statutory school day for students and therefore normal procedures for student absence will be followed.