Year 10 Exam Timetable

5 Jun 24

On The Day

Exams in the hall will start at 8.45am and 13.20pm. Therefore, you need to use lockers and organise yourself to be in the Sports hall ready BEFORE these times.

Do not be late! Being late disturbs other students.

If you do have a problem, contact the school on 02392 364536 and speak to the receptionist, then ensure you get to school as soon as you can.

Check what you need to bring in for each exam.



Black Pens only and at least one spare, a scientific calculator, a 30cm ruler, a rubber and sharp pencils etc. Tippex is not allowed. Check the timetable with your subject teacher. All equipment needs to be carried in a see-through pencil case or plastic bag.

In addition:
Mathematics – Scientific/graphical calculator, protractor and a pair of compasses.
Science – Protractor, Scientific/graphical calculator

There must be no talking or communication of any sort once you enter the exam hall. Do not touch or open the exam paper until you are told to do so!

No mobile phones (even if they are turned off), watches, MP3 players or any other electronical devices. No other papers/notes/books (even in pockets) are to be taken into the exam.

No watches of any kind can be worn during an exam.

No bags/coats etc. are to be brought into the Sports Hall prior to your exams (these must be left in your locker). If bags/coats are left outside the Exam room we cannot be held responsible for any loss.

No packets or instructions for calculators (if instructions are printed on the lid you will need to cover with a plain piece of paper before the exam).

No food can be taken into the exam Room, only small clear bottles of water (with any labels removed are allowed and must be kept on the floor under your desk

If you are not in exams you will be in normal lessons.
The overview of our latest exam results can be found here:
Results Day 2023


Exam Tips & Revision

This page is designed to give helpful hints and tips to make revision easier for you.

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We have also put together a slideshow, which you can find here, to give some help and guidance for you all.

Revision Guide