Year 11 February Mocks

The link below provides a copy of the year 11 Mock Exam timetable. Your child should have received a paper copy
and we have spare paper copies at student reception if needed.

The mock exams are running for the week before half-term and the week after half term replicating how the GCSEs are mostly laid out, with half of them before May half-term and half of them after May half-term. This will mean that students have the February half term to prepare for the exams which are coming up in the week they return to school. The mock exam timetable, with the timings, the rules and equipment that students need and planned after school revision sessions are available on our website by following this link: Exams - Admiral Lord Nelson School - Dare to Dream, Aim to Achieve (

Please do not underestimate your role as a parent and the impact that you can have over the coming months to help your child succeed and achieve their very best. As the parent of a current year 11 student myself, I fully understand the position both your child and you are in. Our role as parents is very much to help our children to organise themselves, plan ahead and work independently at home with their revision, so that they feel confident as they approach their final exams.

In order to help students prepare.

  • Year 11 students are having regular assemblies so they know exactly what they should be doing, such as how much revision and the key dates they are working towards.
  • Form tutors are mentoring year 11 students individually, discussing their subjects, their current progress and making action plans on what needs to be done in order to be successful.
  • Many subjects are running after-school revision sessions that are open for all students to attend, in addition to the revision that will be happening in lessons.
  • Many subjects are also recording revision sessions and putting these on YouTube so that students can access them from home and use them time and again in their revision.

What we need students to be doing in order to maximise their success.

  • Attend as much as possible, as any missed lessons could result in gaps in their learning and every lesson is important.
  • To be in the habit of revising and working independently at home. Many will need support in establishing this habit but then they will feel more confident in approaching their exams.
  • Making the most of their time in every lesson as their teachers will be giving them lots of advice and helping to support them in achieving the grades that they want to reach.

There is plenty of time for students who now really apply themselves to achieve their potential and set themselves up for the next stage in their education or training. Thank you as ever for all your support and the encouragement you give your children to ensure they succeed and achieve their best.